Martina Hohenlohe

My career in a nutshell

Matura in Spittal / Drau, gap year in Philadelphia / USA, then studies in Vienna (journalism, art history, English studies). Already during your studies entrance to the editorial team of KURIER / Freizeit, support of lifestyle topics as well as fixed columns on the subject of food & drink (restaurant criticism, wine descriptions, culinary interviews etc.). After 11 years, the professional breaking point in me spread and I took over together with my husband the guide Gault & Millau, which we publish since then in co-publisher.

My love for cooking

Even at a young age, I secretly exchanged the Konsalik novel, which my aunt imposed on me, for a cookbook. Reading and thinking through recipes always gave me a strange relaxation, soothing and inspiring to me. And bore more fruit than consal. I started cooking and still today my recipes, cookbooks and cookery programs are my favorite leisure time entertainment. As a result, a huge fund of recipes has collected, which I do not want to deprive the world. Because of my job, I get around a lot, I'm lucky enough to eat in the best restaurants in the world and I'm looking forward to reporting on it - be it the crowned luxury temple with gourmet cuisine or the shack on the beach of a Cape Verde island with a spicy lobster goulash. Yes, I got it well.

Martina Hohenlohe

"The nice thing about me:
I cook myself. "

Chefredakteurin des Guide Gault&Millau Österreich, verheiratet mit Journalist Karl Hohenlohe, drei gemeinsame Kinder (Lilly, Louis, Toni), zwei Stiefkinder (Alice, Fanny) und Hundemutter. 

There is much discussion, cooking and eating.

About her - by Karl Hohenlohe

There is no one around the world who loves good food and who does not like it like Martina Hohenlohe. I am her husband and I am constantly shitting with envy. When I first met Martina, she was very fond of eating, cooking and talking about recipes, me too, but in total contrast to her, I've grown a lot. God is not righteous or actually, for I have long and you now, benefit from the passions of my wife. She cooks twice a day for the entire family, and in between she runs the Gourmet Bible Gault & Millau as Editor-in-Chief, rummaging through international journals, national recipe collections, and because she still does not have enough, she herself has written a few cookbooks.

How does she do it? Thanks to me, because I am only occasionally in the way.

Martina Hohenlohe is competent, from fish to falafel, peanut butter, lobster and Asian cuisine, she has not only tried everything, she is obsessed with improving everything. I am closest to those possessed, who are inspired by their passion, but not fully absorbed in it. In the life of Martina Hohenlohe, there are also areas that have nothing to do with staple foods:

I would like to cite the manic inclination to buy non-essential kitchen utensils and the possession of thousands of cookbooks (eg "Do not be afraid of yeast dough"). I think anyone who likes to eat well should follow this blog and try the light, medium and challenging formulas themselves. I put my hand in the stove fire that you will get the taste. I love good food, good wine and my wife in reverse order and after reading this blog I can no longer rule out that you are alike.

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